Don’t Send Your Marketing Down a One-Way Street

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I had an interesting conversation with a marketing executive of a major national chain that I sat next to on a plane last week.  As our conversation developed it immediately went to content marketing then to the need for diversity in marketing.  Do you realize that even though you have a large following – or thousands, even millions of connections – you still need to segment your marketing lists in order to reach ALL your potential customers?

Marketing Tip: Don’t Send Your Marketing Down a One-Way Street

While Social Media is the celebrity of marketing these days, not all of your clients or prospects are using it.  What about the client who has purchased your product or service over the years who has never signed up for Facebook?  She can’t be found on the networks, so how do you reach her?

Staple, traditional marketing methods need to be deployed as consistently as Social Media.

Who are you hitting with your marketing?  More than likely, all of your database contacts are not on social media.  Don’t send your marketing down a one-way street! You may have one-million followers on Facebook  you are reaching with your content, but there is part of your database that would never hear your message if you did not utilize direct mail or other forms of traditional marketing.  So diversify, mix up how you are sending out your brand message and reach them where they are.



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