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We keep things simple, yet efficient, taking the work off of you. A strategic plan + great design + compelling content + targeted implementation + consistency + tracking your results. It's that easy.  That's what we do for you.  We bring ideas to life.  We tell your story.

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    Sandy is our marketing go-to person, content creator, our graphics designer, our social media guru, and our guide to helping us improve our branding and content. She has an innate ability to understand who we are, and easily aligns with our vision to help us decide the best way to present our team and services to the market. Working with Sandy has been a crucial factor in our growth and we consider her an invaluable member of our "team"!!
  • I have worked with Sandy throughout the years since 2004 and she has done an exceptional job at helping me brand my business as well as regularly lending that spark of creative genius we all search for.  In addition, I appreciate how Sandy listens to what I want and transforms it perfectly. Every time I reach out to her for myself or to refer someone to her, she exceeds my expectations on every level. 

  • Adding Social Voice Box to our marketing budget was the best decision we’ve made. We hired Sandy and her team to help us to integrate social media into our overall sales and marketing strategy. The results have been phenomenal – I’ve seen a solid 300% increase in visits from our Facebook page to our blog. Thank you!
  • Sandy Hibbard is one of the most professional and creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. She is extremely artistic, wonderfully talented and on top of her game. Her graphics, marketing background, and her attention to detail make every program she develops a work of art. Her understanding of branding and what it takes to make a company "stand out from the competition" is a true gift to everyone she works with.
  • Sandy has a keen ability to understand a client, look for the best brand plan, and execute. She works within planned budgets while delivering only the best and on a consistent basis. Sandy is my first contact on any new project or client.
    Troy Rockman
    Rockman Advisory
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    ...As those awesome posts to my website appeared, I simply used links to them to forward to all my colleagues the info about two new listings for their buyers to consider.  To save time and space, I just referenced, as they would see both there.  I got many kudos on my website, and one even asked me how I did it.  I happily referred one prospect to you.  ...I just want to say thanks for all your work.  My business has benefited greatly by having those featured listing posts, with excellent photos, video, lifestyle map and a very attractive layout within my website.  I constantly share those links, even old ones, to new prospects to win new listings.
    Lisa Efthymiou
    Keller Williams Realty
  • Sandy is truly an innovative marketing guru with a unique approach that produces excellent results! I have worked directly with Sandy on numerous projects, including working with her as she provided one of the TOP Century 21 Brokerages in the nation with their marketing strategy and materials. I have been impressed with her work ethic and presentation style and ability to navigate and manage multiple projects and initiatives to completion. I have had the pleasure of hosting her Marketing Madness and Social Media Mayhem events as well as working with her on new product and company strategies. If you want to find your own branded voice in any industry, Sandy’s the right choice for you!  
    Dean Poole, Start Up Junkie and Investor
    Dean Poole, Start Up Junkie and Investor
  • Sandy leads a team of marketing experts in creating branding strategies and implementing media and collateral campaigns. She has the creative talent that lends to her ability to understand an executive vision with the scripting skill to craft the vision into a written mission statement and plan. Sandy and her team’s task oriented style keeps you on track with timelines that are necessary in order to take the message and the brand into the marketplace. She also keeps the think tank going with new and exciting ideas and examples that are always refreshing and well thought out. She truly defines marketing executive, in fact, marketing partner.
  • My broker was on me constantly to get set up on social media and use it to market my business, but it was just one more thing to add to my plate. Sandy and her team had me up and running on the Social Voice Box in 2 days. I am developing an online voice and now people are taking note of my services.
    Dallas Real Estate Agent
    Dallas Real Estate Agent
  • Sandy, thank you for all the postings. I have gotten feedback and have been able to engage many of my followers. I bet they are all wondering how I have gotten so smart! I don't have to worry about writing good content, with your daily posts going out, now I can go to my social media accounts and have fun networking.
    Dan Cohn, Virginia Cook Realtors
    Dan Cohn Can Real Estate
  • Thank you for getting me up and running on the Social Voice Box. It's obvious the action I am getting on social media is because of your efforts.
  • Social Voice Box provides engaging relevant information while I’m out selling real estate. I don’t have to spend time I don’t have looking for things that will engage my social media sphere. It’s all on auto pilot with Social Voice Box.
    Dallas Residential Real Estate Agent
    Dallas Residential
  • Effective social media is more than do you like this room or would you like a private island. It’s about getting useful information and fun to your friends and followers. Social Voice Box does that without breaking the bank!
  • Sandy was very helpful in providing excellent service in helping me get on track in developing and expanding my social media skills. She is very informative, has great knowledge, willingness to help someone succeed and goes beyond what you have ask of her. I would recommend you meet with her.  
    Mickey Cody, Realtor at Ebby Halliday
    Mickey Cody, Realtor at Ebby Halliday
  • Sandy is a wonderful designer and graphic artist. Our project came in on-time and on-budget and I contribute both to Sandy’s attention to detail and her organization skills. Our client was VERY pleased with the clothing catalogue and the finished design.
    Winn Fuqua, VIDEO • DRONE • FILM – FAA 333 Authorized
    Winn Fuqua, VIDEO • DRONE • FILM – FAA 333 Authorized