Marketing Tip: Need a sure delivery? Try the mail!

using direct mail in your marketing

Marketing Tip: Need a sure delivery? Try the mail!

Direct mail is alive and kicking! Despite a general attitude that using the US mail for marketing is from the dinosaur age, it is alive and well. And I agree. There is nothing like getting a well crafted direct mail piece in your mail box. Research shows that it evokes a deeper emotional response in the brain because it is tangible. Hummm, makes me think….when was the last time I received a great postcard that popped with information that wasn’t just trying to sell me something? Another good reason for using direct mail in your marketing is that it is guaranteed to be delivered. Electronic mail and social media is great and we can’t live without it, but there are so many programs that have been created to PREVENT your message from being delivered.

Take a look at your overall marketing plan, does it include some form of direct mail? Maybe it is time to plan a direct mail campaign that is designed to provide information relevant to your target customer, something they can keep and value. Perhaps a postcard that pops with great color and offers useful and valuable information, or maybe a follow-up handwritten letter to your client “A” list, just to stay in touch. There are many ideas of how to use direct mail to spread your message and promote your brand, get outside the box and have fun with this one!

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