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Gen Z: Want A Real Estate Career? Here’s what you need.

young gen z female starting in the real estate business

Gen Z: Want A Real Estate Career? Here’s what you need. By Sandy Hibbard GEN Z BECOMING A REAL ESTATE AGENT Guide   Gen Z Starting a Real Estate Business? Here’s Your Blueprint for Success   So, you’re diving into the world of real estate in your early twenties—exciting times ahead! But where do you […]

INSIDERS Episode 51 – Senior Specialist Renae Quigley

sandy hibbard on the set of the INSIDERS with her co-host marc miller and their guest renae quigley

INSIDERS Episode 51 –  Unlocking the Key Differences: Senior Relocation Specialist vs. Traditional Realtor in Real Estate Planning

Sandy and Marc welcome their guest Renae Quigley from Keller Williams Columbia Basin in WA. Renae works with seniors and is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist.

Mastering the Art of Referral Marketing

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, where digital channels dominate and consumer behavior continually evolves, one timeless truth remains: referrals are gold.