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When it comes to handling YOUR marketing, I am the SECOND best choice, here’s why

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When it comes to handling YOUR marketing, I am the SECOND best choice, here’s why

A bold statement I know, even though I know that I can rock your marketing – social, digital, or in print – I am only your second best choice.  So who is the first choice? Who is the best candidate to map out and execute your marketing? Are you following me yet? YOU are!

Marketing today requires authenticity and approachability. Building relationships online is most effective when you are interacting with your contacts and followers. A content marketing plan will get results when it is built on your activities and provides useful information. Reaching your grassroots base of customers and followers should be met with real news and information that is relatable and needed. All of this matters in today’s market.

3 things I want to share with you this week, and you know me, I’m going to keep it simple. Simple because there is no need for complicity in marketing, it’s overrated! Keeping things streamlined is always my goal. If its too complicated your message will get lost in the noise. Period.

You are the first choice for handling your marketing, because YOU are the company or product and service. But if you can’t jump in and do it, then it’s vital to channel your voice and expertise through your second choice – your marketing partner. So here are a few tips on how to bring your touch, expertise and “voice” into your marketing…. It all starts with a plan.

Take a moment to dream.

What is your marketing fantasy? How would you tell your brand story if money wasn’t an issue? Write a plan. Be outrageous, be bold, be fun. Then pare it down to real goals and real initiatives. The key here is to KNOW what you want, and then plan how to get there – the sky is the limit!

Never forget the grassroots of your business.

Stay in touch with your clients. Never forget the people who you serve and who have supported your business. Provide services and offers for them first, go above and beyond, they are your foundation. Build a business based on service and quality client relationships. Warren Buffett said that if you have a business with happy clients, you will no doubt have a good business!

Put your tools together

Now that you have your marketing plan and company initiatives that support your clients in place, put your tools together: Photos, content for your services, collateral, logos, business forms, news and event schedules. Basically any and all that you do in your business, you should have available for your marketing parter. When you choose Sandy Hibbard Creative to do your marketing, these tools will bring an authentic and personal element to your marketing that is unmatched!

Want to learn more about marketing, tools, initiatives and building your dream? Call me, let’s sit down over coffee and brainstorm how we can bring your vision for your business to life!  214-208-3987

Happy Marketing!

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