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We are a global market.

A few years ago we used to rub our head to understand that, but now it’s a “no-duh”. You may not be selling your product overseas, but I can assure you that if you are on social media, your message is being seen – has the potential to be seen –  all over the world. The Internet and Social Media connects us all and offers new ideas, knowledge of lifestyles and cultures, products, solutions and opportunities to either embrace, incorporate, or disregard. Never in my life have I seen so much diversity offering so much.

What does this have to do with marketing, branding or promoting your business?

Simply, it gives us a unique opportunity to learn AND to connect and engage with more people.

When I lived in Brooklyn and ran my business from my tiny home there, I was able to glean world-class design, ideas, and strategies for my client’s marketing and branding.

When I lived in Paris and ran my business from my apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, I experienced design, art and photography, history, fashion, food and the art of making espresso ☕️☺️ that I was able to share with my clients and friends.

Travels and experiences outside of my home base ( and thus using social and digital platforms ) has boosted my brand and my knowledge of marketing to different people, cultures and places – which in turn has benefited my clients! This is the global/connected market working. You have to seize the moment and the opportunity to learn, connect and grow. Yes, social media can do that! ☺️

There is no question that Instagram is taking the world by storm, the US in particular. It is the fastest growing platform here at home (check out my post on Instagram stats here). How are you going to use it? How will you transform your brand message and get it out of the box?

If you are not strategically including Instagram posts and stories into your social media marketing, it is time. Contact me to learn more about my InstaBranding program, or click here to visit the page and get the details.

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