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These stats show Instagram as the preferred social platform – are you on it?

instabranding with sandy hibbard creative

The latest Instagram statistics* show Instagram is the preferred social platform:

  • - 100+ Million photos are uploaded every day
  • - 4.2 Billion "likes" per day
  • - 1 Billion active monthly users
  • - 500+ Million daily users
  • - Instagram's user base is growing faster than any other social network in the U.S.
  • - Users spend 53 minutes a day on Instagram
  • - 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram

Don't miss out on this Instagram moment!

Being found on Instagram and building a memorable brand takes work but can happen if you are willing to jump in and do these things:

1. PARTNER - Build key partnerships. Find the people who are reaching your audience and partner with them.
2. BUILD - Build your email list. Convert followers to subscribers with a great call to action and link in your bio.
3. SHARE - Create content people will share. Use beautiful imagery with engaging text. Create fun stories and videos. Research and use hashtags (11-12) on each post so you can be found.
4. ENGAGE - Engage your followers. Make posts when your followers are online and ask them to engage. Reach out to people who you want to connect with for your business and start a conversation.

Instagram has tremendous potential for businesses in almost any industry. If you use Instagram strategically, you can be assured it will have a significant impact on your reach, brand awareness, and ultimately your sales. It is the smartest and most cost effective place to be running your online ads!
Sandy Hibbard Creative has launched InstaBranding - a program designed to create a strategic and dynamic presence on your Instagram feed.
We do the work for you to create an influential page with:

BRANDED images
ENGAGING call-to-actions

We will grow your following and increasing exposure of your brand.

Don’t miss out on this Instagram moment, contact Sandy to learn more about InstaBranding and how we work to create a strategic, branded Instagram feed for your business.

...or call Sandy at 214-208-3987  

*Statistics Source: Hubspot