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7 Tips to Repurpose Your Blog and Drive Traffic to Your Website

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7 Tips to Repurpose Your Blog and Drive Traffic to Your Website

This is a big problem for most of my clients and I bet it is for you too: creating high-quality content and getting it out there on a consistent basis.

Creating compelling content is very time consuming , and face it, running your business is taking most of your time, and so it should be. No one can represent and build your business like you! However, marketing still presents a problem when it comes to finding time and having the energy and imagination to do it. That being said, you can strategically plan your content to get the most from it by repurposing it across multiple platforms. I want to share some of those ideas with you.

If you are not out-sourcing your blogging and posting to Sandy Hibbard Creative (a blatant offering of my services 😚), then you need to think creatively on how to republish content you have created for your blogs. If you ARE working with SHC on your blogging program, then you know that we create content that can be used throughout the month in a variety of ways and across multiple platforms. I believe this is the “hub of the wheel” for your business marketing and what gives validity to your brand, online and in print. Trust me, you will get traction when you approach your blogging this way.

Here’s how to do it.

1 – Repurpose like an expert.

To start, write an in-depth blog post answering a question your industry would love to know the answer to. Make the  article informational and it should be very in-depth, so probably 1,200 words or more.

2 – Share the blog post in your email newsletter.

As a brand, no matter how strong your social media or web presence is, you should always have an active email newsletter sent to your subscribers. Social media platforms come and go, search engine algorithms change, but email addresses change far less frequently. Your email program is one of the only marketing methods that you still have total control over.

3 – Use Social Media to drive traffic back to your website.

Once you have your blog article posted, you have tons of social content at your fingertips. Simply copy and paste pieces of the blog article into Facebook and LinkedIn posts and Tweets along with a link back to the article. Space these social posts out across the month. Ensure everyone gets the chance to see and read it by sharing your blog post across all your social media channels one to two times per week throughout the month.

4 – Get creative with an InfoGraphic for dynamic visual marketing.

Using the information covered in your blog post, create an eye-popping infographic to share on Pinterest and Instagram. These are the platforms where visually sharing your story does best. An infographic or a text-over-image message or a series of fabulous images that are part of your blog post are the best to use on these platforms. Not an expert graphic designer or photographer? Don’t worry , at Sandy Hibbard Creative we create custom graphics for our clients blog posts to share to their social media.

5 – Document the process.

Throughout the process of creating your blog post and infographic, document the journey with behind-the-scenes footage using Instagram Stories. This can be unfiltered material like your first whiteboard session, a screen capture of you pressing “publish” on your blog or something else related. Make this fun!

6 – Turn your blog into a video series.

After that, create a how-to, tutorial style video using your blog post as an outline. Then, post it to YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to take it a step further, you can break the video down into small segments and publish those clips across Instagram as well.

7 – Use Q&A from your blog post to create an event.

Increase engagement by hosting Q&A sessions using live video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The sessions can give your audience the opportunity to ask you any questions they have on the material you covered in the blog post.

And there you have it – a month’s worth of content created from a single blog article.

Finding time for creating content in your already-busy schedule can be difficult and overwhelming. This process will definitely make it easier, but if you want to partner with someone who can handle this for you, contact Sandy at Sandy Hibbard Creative to learn more about the blogging and social media content programs we have available where WE do all the work for YOU.

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