INSIDERS Ep 24 – Developing Your Personal Brand in 2022

insiders ep 24 with marc miller and michelle beatty and sandy hibbard

INSIDERS Ep 24 – Developing Your Personal Brand in 2022

On this episode of the INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing, Sandy and Marc welcome their guest, Michelle Beatty of Secured Title of Texas to discuss building and growing your business in 2022 with innovative new marketing tools, a well-connected team, and a solid a personal brand that differentiates you from your competition!


I work with Realtors and solo/entrepreneur clients every day helping them with their branding, social media and marketing. Looking at 2022, one of the biggest concerns my clients have is how to define their personal brand and differentiate themselves from the competition. I think this is crucial in the current business tech climate we live in. If you don’t define yourself, you will get lost. Tom Ferry addressed this so well that I wanted to share his points with you today. You can see his original post here on his blog: Building a Personal Brand.

Here are 7 questions you need to answer:

1 – Who are your clients? The more clearly, precisely, and narrowly you’re able to identify your ideal client, the more successful you can be in tailoring your brand to that persona.

2 – Dig deeper into your clients (pain points/ambitions/fears/desires) so you can frame your brand around solutions consumers actually need and want.

3 – How can you help them get what they want? Your brand is more than a photo  and a logo, how do you communicate with them, what barriers in the process can you remove?

4 – Who are YOU? What quirky or interesting quality do you offer. People want to doc burins with people they like and can relate to, so open up and share yourself!

5 – What skills or area of expertise do you bring to the table? What can you deliver that others cannot?

6 – What market are you serving and how well do you know it? We have talked about this before on the INSIDERS, you have to get involved and know the market you serve and be involved with it.

7 – How will you bring this to market? This is the fun part – of course through video which is so important to stand out and compete in today’s market and social media. Be dialed in both organically and paid, incorporate direct mail to a specific geographic area, and utilize email marketing. Find the right tools and create great content that reflects your personal brand and STICK TO IT.


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