Killer Marketing Tip #47: Start An 8-Touch Mail Campaign

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Killer Marketing Tip #47: Start An 8-Touch Mail Campaign

The reason I am sharing this week about a print mail campaign is because it is a marketing initiative that hardly no one is doing and doing right. Consistency is the key of course, and the brand message that is dripped out over time will get attention. So much is on social that your message can get lost, but that branded message smartly landing in the mailbox has a better chance of getting noticed. Consider this:

If you are a Realtor, use an 8-touch mail program to target a farm area you want to be working. Introduce yourself, tell your story, show your expertise!  Send out your postcards over a period of 8 weeks.

If you just opened a retail shop, send an 8-touch to the surrounding zip codes announcing your opening, info about your products, tell the story of the owners, send discount coupons, etc.

If you are a church, build your congregation with an 8-touch mail program that focuses on a teaching series, shares the work the church is doing, shares the back stories of the pastoral staff and introduces your mission, doctrine and the leadership.

Whatever the program, product or service you are introducing, starting with mail is a great idea. Use the 8-touch method to cover all the info you need to share in a way that will be remembered!  Then follow it up on social and with phone calls and emails.  WOW!  Old school marketing methods DO STILL WORK in 2022!!

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