Killer Marketing Tip 34: Take a Social Network and Blow it Up!

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Tip #34: Choose a Network and Blow it Up!

Do you really need to be on all the social media networks? Well it depends…. Why not focus on one and dominate it?

If you own a business today, most likely you are on social media. For a person just launching a new business or for the seasoned professional, social media will help you build relationships that will turn into social leads. The way to do that is to pick a network that best suits your brand and blow it up!

Some people have enough content for ALL the major networks – IG, FB, and LI,  even Tik Tok and Snapchat, but not everyone can handle all that or have enough going on to create great content for all of them. So why not pick one social network that you love and focus on that?

Choose Instagram and blow it up, dominate your channel with great visual posts, short and funny Reels, little snippets of life on Stories, and longer more educational videos. Start with one network and fill it up consistently with great content that reflects your brand story. Don’t be tempted to spread all your content thin just to be on all the networks, that’s fine if you are tuned into it and savvy enough to handle them all, but if not, stick to one and make it work for you. Focus on building relationships, create specific content just for that network and take it over!

Being on all the networks isn’t necessary, but being found with a dynamic presence on one of the majors is vital and a great way to build your online presence. So this week, focus on one of your favorite networks and BLOW it UP with your branded content.


Feature Image Designed by pikisuperstar / Freepik

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