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January 30, 2019
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In 2020 Strategy that Leads to Great Design is Better than Specialization

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In 2020 Strategy that Leads to Great Design is Better than Specialization

If you have followed me over the years, you have heard me say over and over again that diversity in marketing is where it’s at. Now I’m going to say it again, but this time in a bit different way that may sound out-of-the-box and bold:

In this day of social media gurus, SEO specialists and content queens, you are better off to take an approach toward overall strategy that will lead to great design before you jump into one specialization for a client.

What do I mean by that?!

Here’s what I’m saying…. It’s easy to jump onto a particular ‘band wagon’ and put all your marketing dollars into one thing, be it social media, SEO or PPC, etc. While all those things are effective when accompanied by a well-planned strategy, alone they are lacking.

“The sweet spot is where strategy meets design – Young marketers need to avoid getting stuck in commoditized ‘specialisms’ like social and SEO when the focus for brands is in strategy and experience design.”  ~ Ben Davis/Marketing Week

Take a step back, build a plan, diversify

The only way you’re going to diversify properly is to take a step back and put a strategy in place that includes the right channels and initiatives for your brand. Then, when you put the strategy into the hands of creatives, BOOM! You have great design that properly represents your company and supports great marketing. If you are thoughtlessly throwing money at ‘this and that’ programs BEFORE you build a marketing strategy, you are waisting your time and sacrificing your budget.

Putting strategy in the forefront  doesn’t mean specialisms are no longer needed. “Many brands are looking for something new and want smaller, more agile marketing partners who can work together in a nested way to solve some very specific problems.” ~ Top Agencies Reports

Solving specific marketing objectives is all about collaboration

Solving specific marketing objectives is all about collaboration, not just purchasing a product or program. When the client and the creative marketing agency collaborate to solve problems TOGETHER, it is a win. Jumping from agency to agency or product to product never works. 

What the Top Agencies Report says to me is that if I were a young marketer, I would resist being pigeon-holed as ‘the guy that does email’ or ‘the social person’ or ‘the search expert’, and I would head to wherever strategy meets design.

The marketer needs to be diversified as well as the marketing!

The marketer needs to be diversified as well as the marketing!!  Diversify. Resist pigeon-holing your own marketing program into just one area.

This is a wild market where anything is possible to do, but just as soon as you implement it, it’s going to change. So how do you keep up? How do you know what’s best for your company? Let’s sit down together and build a strategy, let’s do the research and find out where the best place is to put your marketing dollars.

Strategic Coaching with Sandy Hibbard

I have a one -day strategy program where I work with clients to help you develop the best approach to creating – and marketing – your brand story. Whether you are a corporation, small business, solopreneur, a Realtor just getting started, or an established team going off the charts with production, this program is for you. Building a marketing strategy will help you understand and see the big picture that will reward you with increased awareness of your business and services and eventually generate more sales. Call me for details 214-208-3987.

Happy Marketing!



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