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The INSIDERS Ep 21 – How to Motivate Yourself and Boost Your Income

sandy hibbard with marc miller and dr bruce lund on the set of the insiders

The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 21 – Sandy and Marc welcome their guest Bruce Lund, business coach and author of 5-Habits of Highly-Effective Salespeople to swap motivational techniques and systems proven to help entrepreneurs and salespeople reach their full potential FASTER!

* * * *

Dr. Bruce Lund is a highly sought after business coach who has trained thousands of professionals all over the world, helping entrepreneurs, salespeople, realtors and loan officers reach their full potential in sales with his popular program, 90-Day Sales Manager. 

In leading sales professionals over the years, I have learned that many have the skills, but often lack systems to help them reach their full potential. Coaching, systems, and mentoring becomes a vital mix of the daily intake of a true sales professional. Dr. Lund’s 90-Day Sales Manager is about how to reach your full potential with proven and effective systems

Key points discussed in Episode 21 and taught in the 90-Day Sales Manager:

  • Branding, marketing and “selling” your potential
  • Active prospecting and building a system that targets your key prospects
  • Learning the “magic” of follow up
  • Getting the referral through an incredible customer experience
  • The “entrepreneurial spirit” that attracts new interest to your product, service



Knowing your brand (self) and being confident of your potential is the first step to success for any entrepreneur. What is your niche? What is your competitive advantage? You have to know that in this overly saturated market. No one else will believe it if you don’t believe it first.


Consistency in branding, in the experience, in the value you bring to the table is what will bring people back to you. It’s what will get the upsale, and bring in referrals.


Your own attitude toward working, and not being afraid to roll up your sleeves and work – your initiative is what builds a solid business. You have to be willing to do the work, you’ve heard it said “you have to be willing to do what 90% are not willing to do.”  Just getting the sale is not good enough. You have to back it up with a great product, great service, and authentic followup.

Thanks again to our guest Bruce Lund and our sponsor and co-host Marc Miller with Secured Title of Texas. To view all our past episodes be sure to visit theINSIDERSpodcast.com.


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Download the 90-Day Sales & Marketing Plan here: www.90daysalesplan.com

Get acquainted with the 5 Habits of Successful People here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgdhN_-fZvk-GeHSTxb_f9RbEU6-7LyXq

In addition to the 5-Habits webinar series you can also download the 4-Hour Workday book to help with timeblock & time management, one of the biggest missing structures agents struggle with most.

CONTACT Bruce Lund, PhD at: 


E: bruce@90daysales.com

P: 615-410-6509




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