Marketing Tip: You Have To Write it Down

You Have To Write It Down

Marketing Tip: You Have To Write It Down!


There is something that happens in our brains when we write down an idea.  It’s almost as effective as speaking out what you want to do.  When we add a written plan to a spoken idea, things happen!  

To have great marketing this year and every year, you have to write it down! Create a written plan or “strategy” for your marketing activities so that you know what marking you will be engaging in, it’s cost and time required, and when it will hit your market.  

Whether you do your own marketing or have someone do it for you, you need a written marketing plan that is accessible.  You should be able to analyze and review your marketing plan at any given time.  A written marketing plan also needs to be kept current, an old, out of date written plan will not do you any good!  

So, if you want to build a successful business with great marketing, write it down!  

Build your marketing plan step by step with clear initiatives and followup action items.   “If you build it they will come!”

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