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December 18, 2013
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Marketing Tip: How To Be Recognized OFFLINE As Well As Online

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Marketing Tip:  How To Be Recognized OFFLINE As Well As Online

Never make your customers or prospects work to recognize it’s you in their mailbox or inbox.  Keep your content fresh, but the look consistent on all of your communications – from letters to postcards to email blasts to web to Facebook posts – let your branded look speak for you!

  • If you are sending postcards, make them POP with great content and colorful appealing and relevant graphics and always “finish” them with your recognizable graphic logo.
  • If you are posting an online blog, choose a great photo to illustrate your message and post it within your branded marketing look.
  • Always finish each marketing piece with your branded graphic logo and contact information.

Keeping a consistent look in all of your marketing is what will “brand” your image and services into the minds of your target audience.