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The Best Marketing Investment You Can Make for the Money

Marketing Tip:  Handwritten notes: An old-school practice that makes a stronger personal connection

Try a handwritten note as a way to say thank you to your client or prospective client, it is the best marketing investment you can make for the money


I was in NYC last month and stopped at the Kiehl’s flagship store at Union Square.  I was immediately greeted and impressed by a young man who seemed to understand and know exactly what I needed for my skin.  After a nice chat and very good retail experience he sent me on my way, but not before asking me to complete a card with my contact information so he could keep me informed of upcoming events and sales.  One week later, after returning home, I received a beautiful handwritten, PERSONALIZED note from the same sales associate that had helped me.  I was so impressed, and since I needed a certain lotion from Kiehl’s, I picked up the phone and called him to place an order!

In a New York Times article “A Stunning, New Social Media Tactic: Handwritten Notes“, MP Mueller wrote:

“Why is a 40-cent postcard so powerful? As technology races forward, people are increasingly starved for those high-touch extras, like homemade meals and personalized notes. Small businesses often operate at a disadvantage, but we certainly have the opportunity to establish the perception that we are more personable than our larger competitors.”

It’s an old-school practice – a handwritten, personalized note is a cost effective way to stay in front of your prospect and client.  Don’t send a generic message, that’s nothing more than junk mail.  Take the time to make it personal.  Great marketing takes extra effort and will get you noticed, being personable and getting to know your customer is what will win their  hearts.

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