Marketing Tip: Don’t Frustrate Your Prospects

contact button and text button on website is essential

Marketing Tip:  Don’t Frustrate Your Prospects

Make it easy for them to reach out to you


Prospects want to reach you easily and they want to know that what you offer them is what they need.  Make sure that the home page of your web site defines your product or service in a simple and understandable way.  And most importantly, make it easy for them to reach you!

Have your contact information clearly visible on your home page and at the footer or header of your website.  Don’t Frustrate Your Prospects!  There is nothing more frustrating than looking for contact information on a website and not being able to find it, it’s the  quickest way to lose a potential client and BOUNCE them right off to the competition!

Here are a few simple but very important tips to make it easy for your prospects to reach you:

  1. Make sure that your business/marketing message is clear on your website and tells exactly what service you offer
  2. Add a Contact Button to your website. Having a Contact Us button is essential for any website because it allows your audience to ask questions and shows that you care about what they think
  3. Display your contact information or a signup form so that it is visible and easy to contact you! Don’t make them have to hunt to find your phone number and email address, social media sites and location
  4. Add Social Media icons and links to your site so your prospects and connect with you
  5. With AI and texting capabilities, add a Chat box or a Text Us button for immediate contact
  6. Make it easy for people to reach you!

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