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Marketing Tip: Make an impact with your personality

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Marketing Tip: Make an impact with your personality

It’s important to let your customers, clients, and the community see who you are as a person, beyond your brand. When I share photos of me on the jogging trail, pics of my “Friday-night-single-girl-grocery-cart”, or rant about a common problem I see in the world, my networks support me with comments, laughs, or even disagreement (which can be good)!  Now that I have their attention I can begin to build a relationship that can ultimately lead to preference and action toward my brand and the services I offer.

Have fun with it! Don’t be shy about sharing your knowledge this way – gone are the days of stiff-impersonal corporate advertising – open up your heart and share a little of who you are.  People will see you as a unique individual who shares your hobbies, interests, and perspectives. People will buy from you again and again because something about your voice, your unique way, resonates with them.

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