Killer Marketing Tip 23: Video is not just for the movies

video is not just for the movies

Killer Marketing Tip 23: Video is not just for the movies

Everywhere we go online we are confronted with videos. Social media channels, video podcasts, video ads, IGTV, Reels, Stories… If you are actively marketing your business, you need to get over your video shyness and make time to produce and build a video library.

Creating a video is not difficult. Most new phone cameras now have excellent video capability. Add a compelling message, good light and YOU and you are ready to go!  I know I am over simplifying, but really, the time to create your video channel and post your own videos is NOW. Share content that is supportive of your business on youtube, or Instagram stories and IGTV. Create 15, 30 and 60 second reels for entertainment. Share stories and videos directly to your Facebook pages to enhance your brand message and provide information that is useful to your clients and target audience.  Be generous with your information and have fun. So get over your video shyness and start building a video campaign to support your business… videos are not just for the movies anymore!

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