Killer Marketing Tip 24: Create a Buzz

Bumble Bee buzzin around causing a buzz

Killer Marketing Tip #24 – Create a Buzz

Business marketing should not always be about business, products and advice, sometimes is should be about you. People love to hear about what you are doing personally. Let your customers, clients, and community see who you are as a person, beyond your brand! When I share photos of my travels, or pics of my “friday-night-single-girl-dinners”, my networks support me with even more likes and comments! Now that I have their attention, I can begin to build a relationship that can ultimately lead to preference and action toward my brand and the services I offer.

Have fun with this. Don’t be shy about sharing your knowledge this way – gone are the days of stiff-impersonal corporate advertising – open up you heart and personality and share a little of who you are. The more people get to know you through your personal posts the easier it will be for them to approach you about business. So get out there and create a buzz!

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