How to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

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How to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

It’s the weekend and time to get out the camera. Nothing works better on Instagram than quick and fun stories that share the personality of your brand. This is brand building for you entrepreneurs. It’s story telling, and you NEED to have fun with it.

Get outside your sales box and think relationships.

Make time for photo opps for things you love and post them to your feed. Use those images PLUS 15-second video clips to share on your Instagram Stories – add stickers, and text, make it interesting! There is no good or bad approach here, it’s about attracting more eyes with your stories that will turn into followers on your feed. The key thing, have fun with this, show that your business has a personal side to it, focus on building relationships with the people who need your services.

Be a storyteller

The way you accomplish sharing your story is multi-faceted. But first things first, you have to know your own story and craft it for the telling!  Your unique story is how you will get people to remember you, and Instagram is THE platform for it. Have you crafted your story?

Show the personal side

One glance at an Instagram feed and I will know your business. Two glances and I will get a hint of your personality and vibe. I will know if I want to see more of you, hear more of you, or buy what you are offering. That’s about it – two glances is all you get.

Building your Instagram following needs to consist of quality images and videos that visually tell the story of who you are and what you are doing – your BRAND IMAGE. Instagram Stories gives you a chance to get personal with your audience, making them feel like they know you.

Share stories of your team, grab creative pics of your office and people at work. Get out-of-the-box with your product shots, give your opinion, don’t be boring! Don’t be salesy, focus on why you do what you do… put a personality and face behind that company logo.

You can also use Instagram Stories to promote your posts and to show involvement in the community.

It’s what you love, so show it!

Whatever industry you are in, I believe that great compositions and enticing photography will attract like-minded people [prospective clients]. If needed, get someone to help you with this. Hire a photographer for a shoot and then use those images through strategically planned posts throughout the year. Create short 15-second videos that can be shared as Instagram Stories that give a behind the scenes look into your company and what you are thinking and planning.

Above all, RELAX! Just grab your phone and share your stories. Don’t worry about it being perfect, just do it – and always, always, have fun!

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