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10 Ways a Custom Newsletter Will Benefit Your Business

10 Ways a Custom Newsletter Will Benefit Your Business


“I don’t want to annoy people.”

That’s one of many excuses I hear from clients when I ask them about sending out consistent email newsletters to their followers.

Are you guilty of thinking this way too? Well stop it! It couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Every online marketing expert tells you the same thing: your business needs to have an email newsletter that you send out to your subscribers, clients and prospects. When there’s that kind of agreement across the board from the pros, that usually means they’re right. An email newsletter is reasonably easy to put together, free or inexpensive to send out, and highly effective. Here are ten good reasons to create one for your business.

You ready? Let’s go!

1. Your customers want to hear from you

There’s a common misconception that people don’t like emails, but research indicates that people actually do want to receive them, just in the appropriate doses (usually monthly). In fact, 91% of the general public want to receive emails from companies they trust (source: Marketing Sherpa). Your customers want to connect with you so oblige them.

2. It opens the door for sales

There’s a certain group of people who are never going to buy your product, and that’s OK. There’s another group who are always going to buy your product, and that’s wonderful. But there’s a third, more vaguely-defined set of people, who might buy your product but you have to stay in front of them.

For those people, a nudge, a call to action, a coupon, or a discount code can very easily be the spark that results in a purchase. Some people are impulsive, and 7 out of 10 people say they used a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the past week (Source: Blue Kangaroo).

3. Develops relationships and reconnects you with customers

Relationships are not rocks, they are houseplants. If you ignore a rock and come back to it a thousand years later, it is very likely that the same rock will be sitting there, unchanged. If you ignore a houseplant and come back to it even just a few days later, it will have wilted. Wait long enough, and it will be dead. Relationships require regular reconnection, and an email newsletter is a low-maintenance way of staying in touch with customers and generating some of that reconnection.

When you first connect with a new prospective client, it takes time to build a relationship and email is a direct, personal and casual way to connect. Reaching out regularly with an email newsletter gives you the opportunity to build a one-on-one relationship with potential customers. As they develop trust in your brand, they are more likely to buy and spread the word about what you do.

4. Builds your credibility

A newsletter is a channel where you can further develop your credibility with your customers. By sharing your knowledge with them, you enhance your value and make them more likely to seek you out for help when they have a problem you can solve.

5. Tells people what you do

No one wants to be sold to, but everyone wants to buy if what is being offered meets their needs. Writing a regular newsletter gives you an opportunity to educate potential customers about your offerings and more importantly, share your expertise so that they can get to know, like, and trust you over time.

Sending quality, value-filled articles allows you to talk about the challenges your clients face and share your expert advice that will help them. When your followers truly understand what you do and that you understand their struggles, they are much more likely to connect and buy your products and services.

6. It’s a warm-up for your leads

Lots of people who aren’t quite ready to buy choose instead to sign up for a newsletter, because they want to get more information in an easy and casual way. This makes your newsletter an opportunity to nurture your leads in a slow, non-salesy, and inexpensive way.

7. Sets you apart from your competition

When you mail a newsletter to your list, not only does it go to their inbox, but your newsletter can also be leveraged in multiple ways for your business. You can publish the article on your blog and post links to the article on social media and various article directories. Plus, posting the article on your website will drive organic search engine traffic to your website and boost your Google rankings. It’s a genius way to instantly expand your visibility on multiple channels and reach new prospects through content marketing.

Do you think everyone is doing this? No they’re not! Staying in front of your audience on multiple channels increases your visibility which creates awareness and preference for your services, keeping you competitive!

8. You can give your customers things of value and trigger their desire to reciprocate

It’s human nature 101 when someone gives us something we value, we feel indebted to that person and we want to give them something in return. You probably can’t give away free samples of your product in an email, but you can give them information—tips, tricks, and hints about your products, or about the problems that they are facing in their industries. Anything you send them that they put a value on is going to promote a positive feeling about your relationship and a desire to return the favor.

9. Promotes the personality of your brand and story

In today’s marketing environment authenticity reigns. To cut through the marketing noise you need a genuine and real message to share in your marketing. Your strategy needs to include YOU, your personality and your company vibe. This is what attracts people who resonate with your message to your business and keeps them coming back! A customized newsletter that is designed to fit your personality and tone, offers engaging, pertinent, entertaining, and interesting information, and that is targeted to people who need your services, is the one that will be opened and noticed.

10. Opens up a conversation with your audience

You can use your newsletter as a place to ask questions of your customers, get their responses, and put those responses back into the conversation. Not only does this create great engagement with your customers, you can end up with a lot of material for your next newsletter.

* * *

Let Sandy Hibbard Creative help you transform your marketing and sales with a customized newsletter of your own. Contact Sandy directly to have a conversation about how to get started.


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