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January 2, 2014
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January 14, 2014
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52 KILLER Marketing Tips

52 killer marketing tips

Out of the box ideas for boosting your business:
52 KILLER Marketing Tips

. . . My Gift to You!

I saw a quote earlier this week that made me chuckle, I believe it is the key to prosperity in our business and in our lives: “Nothing works, unless you do” (Maya Angelou). I love it, and it’s true. So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and put forth our best effort to realize our dreams and achieve our business goals.

52KillerMktTipsCOVERLast year I published my first book – 52 Killer Marketing Tips – and I want to share it with you again from my new company Sandy Hibbard Creative, Inc. I am not sharing one tip, I am giving you an arsenal of marketing secrets and making 52 KILLER Marketing Tips available as a downloadable PDF ebook exclusively to my network.

When I launched my Marketing Tips weekly blog, I did it with the purpose of developing powerful yet simple marketing tips that I could share with my followers weekly. This book is the culmination of that project. The eBook format works as a marketing “guide” that you can use all year to keep your mind on your marketing.

This is my gift, my way of saying thank you for being a part of this mission with me to create REAL, FUN, and EFFECTIVE marketing that speaks to your audience.

I explain how to use these tips in 52 Killer Marketing Tips:

Choose three to five tips that you KNOW you can put together yourself in the first quarter. Then choose three to five or more that you feel you can implement over the next 12 months. Use these selected tips to build your marketing strategy, making sure your marketing message is reaching your target audience every week.”

52 KILLER Marketing Tips is available for you as a FREE download in a printable PDF format, get it here.

If you prefer a touchable book, you can purchase a copy of the soft cover book from

Thanks so much for engaging with me throughout this project!

Love and Peace