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What Happens When Facebook Goes Away?

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What Happens When Facebook Goes Away?

Pretty good question yeah? Where will your marketing efforts be when Facebook isn’t “it” anymore? Will you move to another platform, will you be established in another form of digital marketing and ready to roll? If you are smart, you will prepare your business by using and testing other forms of online/social marketing – Instagram, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

This is why diversity is the key ingredient to a successful marketing plan.

You have heard me say this, and it may sound old-school, but you need to hear it again: You are marketing to a passing parade. Your clients, prospects, audience, sphere, are all moving, you have to catch them where they are. Your business is to know where they are and make sure your message is reaching them. This is why you must diversify.

Identify the platform that works for you and give it 150% – then play with the rest.

You know what works for you, so dig in and give it 150%, but then don’t forget the rest. You need to be ready to roll with a backup plan for your business marketing. Online marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk inspired me with his video on the new version of the 80/20 rule. According to Gary, you should set your efforts at 150% for what’s working for you 80% of the time, and then play with the other 20%. When one platform changes or becomes ineffective, you have the 20% to back you up so your business marketing isn’t left in the cold.

Here’s how to diversify your digital marketing:

It’s not rocket science. If Instagram is your thing, then give it a boost, use it to the max! WORK IT! Then make sure that you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (etc) to share your message as well. Play with Snapchat, Pinterest, and any other new platform that can reach your audience. And never forget to market to your database –  your email or direct mail list of clients and sphere of influence, family, friends and prospects. Even with a dynamic social presence, you need to be directly marketing to your email list. So, this works in any order – if you are blowing it up on Facebook, then make sure you are building on Instagram, etc. If email is getting traction, optimize it and don’t slack on it!  Then use social media as your backup. Diversity! Let it be your new business marketing mantra.

In this market you must be everywhere 

You see, in this mobile, moving, sophisticated market, your business message needs to be everywhere! This is why I have created InstaBranding and the Social Voice Box for businesses and entrepreneurs like you. We can get the content you desperately need onto your #1 platform and then focus on building on the rest. I don’t ever want to see you left holding an empty bag because you gave up on a platform or a platform gave up on you.

I invite you to call me so we can talk or meet over coffee about your marketing – 214-208-3987, or click the button below if you prefer to email me. My services are handled personally for you and priced to fit your budget. Don’t wait on this, it’s time to jump in 150%!



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