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Marketing Tip: You’ve run out of time, money, and imagination – now what?

Marketing Tip: You’ve run out of time, money, and imagination – now what?

Standing in line at Starbucks this week, I noticed their call-in order program causing a delay in the line.  Someone had ordered multiple drinks during a busy time and they did not have enough staff to handle it.  They needed someone designated on the back end to handle the processing of the mobile orders. The Barista at the cashier had to stop waiting on in-house customers in order to pull off the orders and get them in line for processing, resulting in congestion in the store and extended delivery time of our drinks.  It made me realize how important proper systems are to support the life and success of any marketing program.

For years I have been preaching the important of what I call the “holy trinity” of marketing: Time, Money & Imagination.  To properly execute your marketing you need sufficient TIME to deliver your marketing, the proper BUDGET so you can run your programs over the desired period of time, and IMAGINATION, that is, have the creativity to produce and deliver compelling marketing.  To my point: if you build systems to support your marketing ideas, it’s a win-win.  Without systems in place, your efforts will fail, tire out, run out of budget and get stale.

You make your plan, create systems to support delivery of your plan, and then above all, make sure your marketing initiatives are within a budget you can comfortably live with.  Marketing these days is not done in a day.  You need to plan your programs so they are consistently delivering content for a period so that you see results.

This is exactly why I created the Social Voice Box program. When you choose the Social Voice Box to deliver your social media posts you are setting yourself up for success.  The program meets all three factors of the “holy trinity” of marketing: #1 – The Social Voice Box does all the work for you – it’s your social media on auto pilot. #2 – It is affordable, the cost for the basic program is less than $5/day.  #3 – The Social Voice Box professional team is your imagination, curating and posting relevant content for your business.

The Social Voice Box is the perfect foundation for your marketing, an easy, affordable system that takes the weight off your shoulders for a vibrant and effective social media program.

What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW and we will have you up and running this week!

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