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5 Social Media Sites Real Estate Agents Should Use

social media networks every real estate agent needs

5 Social Media Sites Real Estate Agents Should Use

Have you ever used Instagram? Many of you have. How about Twitter or Pinterest?

If you haven’t, you can sure bet that home buyers and sellers have. You should have some knowledge of the top social media sites, and you should have them all integrated into your overall marketing plan.

I can’t say it enough, DON’T MISS OUT on the benefits of Social Media Marketing. Leverage your networks with your great content and website to increase the impressions your posts get!

There are many choices in Social Media Marketing, find those that fit your audience and your brand and learn what works on each one.


Facebook purchased Instagram so many of the activities are shared.

If you advertise on Facebook, your ad can also be on Instagram. You can also use Instagram independently from Facebook.

Instagram is for VISUAL MARKETING and appeals to female users. It is a great place to market a home and feature your fabulous photos.

Use short videos on Instagram Stories and highlight them on your profile.

Total Number of Daily Active Instagram Users:  500 million

Post photos of your home and be sure to use the right hashtags. In addition to beautiful photos of the home, post photos of the neighborhood, schools, restaurants, and more.

Instagram is a great place to build your brand.


Most of you know about Facebook. It is the number one social media site in the world It has over one billion unique visitors each month.

You can post the details of your listings in several spots on Facebook. You can advertise a home in several different ways on Facebook. You can build a Facebook page just for one home.

Total number of Mobile Daily Active Users: 1.59 billion

You should know how to use the many ways to market a home on Facebook, especially using Stories to feature a home, events for your open houses and take advantage of the longer posts to highlight descriptions and MLS info on the listing.

Use hashtags when you post.


You tube is a no brainer for selling agents. Buyers want to see photos. On YouTube, you can post a virtual tour. One often comes with the photography done on the house and is easy to get on to YouTube.

Take quick or extended videos of your listings and highlight them on your channel.

The site has over a billion monthly visitors and is often overlooked as a place to market. It is not just for finding your favorite song or video or finding out how to fix your washing machine.

Total Number of Daily Active YouTube Users: 30 million

When someone does a Google search, a home on YouTube may show up in the results.

Build your channel to be a showcase of your listing videos.


Pinterest is a great place to spotlight a home.

It is visual. You post photos that are clickable to provide more information. Pinterest is a favorite among women, and you know how important women are in decision making about a home purchase (71% of Pinterest users are actually Females).

Total Number of Monthly Active Pinterest Users: 335 million

Pinterest is a great place for a listing agent to build a photo-library of just listed and sold properties. Create boards for different rooms in the house, different size homes, types of properties, etc. The possibilities are limitless.


Twitter is another place you can post details of a home. You can search for posts about a neighborhood or community and repost those on Twitter.

Number of Twitter Daily Active Users: 152 million

Again, be sure to use hashtags. That will increase visibility.


In today’s mobile world, you need to catch your customer where they are. Using all of these networks is a good idea to market a house. Build these networks into your overall marketing strategy and create content suitable for each one. Your strategy should always begin with branding you and your business, then leverage the networks to highlight your listings and buyer services.

Using these sites makes it easier to promote a home and will make your listing more visible. Make sure social media is part of your marketing mix.

Need help?

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