Killer Marketing Tip: Capitalize on 4th Quarter Marketing

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Capitalize on 4th Quarter Marketing

It’s 4th quarter and we are at the foothills of the holidays, it’s time to put a little sparkle in your marketing!

During holidays and year end events, don’t forget that your clients still need to hear from you. Don’t slack up on your marketing during this busy time.

When putting together your 4th Quarter marketing strategy, create your content to be relevant to the upcoming seasons of fall and winter… and the holidays!  Weave your brand story and present your services in a context that people will pay attention to and relate to in these busy months. And of course, make it FUN! 

Send out an eblast, promote a holiday offer on social media, run a contest drawing to grow your database via direct mail, throw a party, offer a discount on your product, give away tickets, promote a special gift item for your clients – the opportunities are endless! 

Now is the time to get your numbers up to start the new year with a bang – capitalize on 4th quarter with your marketing and you will be ahead of the game when the new year rolls in.

Here are 20 cool ideas for marketing in 4th quarter that is sure to get you noticed:

  • Launch an Instagram or TikTok video contest: Invite customers to post short vids of themselves engaged in their favorite fall activities (pumpkin patch fun, Halloween parties, trick or treating) with a designated hashtag. Choose a winner and offer them a free gift, and re-gram the photo on your account.
  • Hold a “can-do” event: Email customers offering them a gift or tasty treat when they bring in a canned or other nonperishable food item to donate to a local food pantry.
  • Put your name on it: Offer reusable shopping bags featuring your business’s name.
  • Sponsor a local school team: Support young athletes in a way that fits with your business during this time of pandemic. People may not be going to the actual games, but they still love their team!.
  • Advertise on local blogs: Identify the most popular blogs in your community for news, style, real estate, food — whatever best aligns with your brand — and advertise special events for readers. Blogs are a great way to reach your target market […]


More ideas on 4th Quarter marketing here: 

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