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[Marketing Tip] Capitalizing on 4th Quarter

Marketing Tip: Capitalizing on 4th Quarter

By Sandy Hibbard

Start your 4th Quarter out with the ideal solution for your social media marketing

NOW is the time to put into place your dedicated social media marketing programs: The Social Voice Box is my entry level program I designed specifically for the busy professional who understands the value of a dynamic social media presence but does not have time to get it going and needs someone to help them. The Social Voice Box is a program that does all your basic social media work for you.  Read on below . . .



The Social Voice Box does the work for you:

  • Posts great content Monday – Friday
  • Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Curates content based on themes you select
  • Affordable at only $99/month*
  • Immediate impact – we will have content on your feeds in just 2 days*

You do nothing. This gives you the freedom to enjoy networking, building relationships and tending to other growth initiatives that will help advance your business.  It’s simple to get started – click here to download the form and START, or call or email me and I will personally get you set up.  214-208-3987 or sandy@sandyhibbardcreative.com.

You may need more than social media marketing to hit your 4th Quarter goals, visit my PRICING PAGE for information on all the program I provide. If you need a CUSTOM SOLUTION, then call me and let’s see what we can design to fit your budget and marketing goals.

Sandy Hibbard Creative can take the pressure off of you by providing services like the The Social Voice Box, INSTABranding, creative design, direct mail and email campaigns, and branded marketing that will keep you in front of your clients and prospects.  Let us help you reach your 4th Quarter goals!

Happy Marketing!






testimonialRead other testimonials here.


*$99/Month for basic program with a one-time set up fee of $199, no long-term contracts. We will have you up and running within 2 business days of receiving your completed Social Voice Box forms and payment information.

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