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November 22, 2017
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If you could change one thing in your business this year, what would it be?
January 15, 2018
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20 Marketing Ideas For This Season That Will Get Your Business Noticed

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20 Marketing Ideas That Will Get Your Business Noticed

Now is the ideal time to promote your business, just because it’s holiday season doesn’t mean that your prospects and clients aren’t paying attention! People are slowing down in their work places and taking on a relaxed attitude during the colder festive months, kids are in school, folks are at home and everyone is looking toward 2018 and creating a fresh start. Take advantage of the season’s opportunities with these fun marketing ideas.

  1. Launch an Instagram photo contest: Invite customers to post pictures of themselves engaged in their favorite fall activities (apple picking, flag football, etc.) with a designated hashtag. Choose a winner and offer them a free gift, and re-gram the photo on your account.
  2. Hold a “can-do” event: Email customers offering them a discount when they bring in canned and other nonperishable food items to donate to a local food pantry.
  3. Put your name on it: Offer reusable shopping bags featuring your business’s name.
  4. Sponsor a team: Support young athletes in a way that fits with your business. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, maybe partner with a girls’ soccer team. Or if you run a restaurant, make your establishment the official pregame coffee spot for parents or postgame hangout for players.
  5. Advertise on local blogs: Identify the most popular blogs in your community for news, style, real estate, food — whatever best aligns with your business — and advertise special promotions or your events for readers. Blogs are a great way to reach your target market.
  6. Hit the festival circuit: Chances are that organizations in your area host holiday events – toy drives, festivals, etc., so find out how to set up a booth or get involved in sponsoring the event.
  7. Host a social party: Invite all your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers to meet up in person at your store or office for holiday snacks and sipping, if you own a store, invite them for a special shopping party with special promotions and giveaways.
  8. Offer an appealing deal: Entice people in by offering a discount. You can promote your sale via direct mail, social media posts, or with an email blast.
  9. Lend your space: Reach out to a favorite local charity, like an animal shelter, and offer them your shop or office for a fundraising event.
  10. Celebrate new holidays: Christmas and New Year’s get all the attention after Thanksgiving, but you can make your business stand out with fun, social media–friendly holidays unique to your business, like a “Ugly Christmas Sweater Saturday” fundraiser or a “Pumpkin Spice Latte Appreciation Day” event. Think outside the box!
  11. Start a deal-of-the-week email: Send targeted email messages to customers offering special discounts on specific items or services, of if you are a builder or Realtor, send a weekly listing or new home update.
  12. Team up with local businesses: Work with other neighborhood shops and your vendors to pool your resources (and social media reach) to throw a winter-themed weekend event with food, entertainment, and lots of special promotions.
  13. Bring in the experts: Identify common problems among your customers (home organization, wardrobe ideas, hair updates), and designate a day to offer the expertise of your staff and outside consultants with free in-store consultations.
  14. Throw a “treat yourself” party: Email your best customers and invite them to a special event with complimentary manicures, chair massages, and makeup application along with cocktails and appetizers.
  15. Set up your “pop-buy” calendar: The Holiday season is here, so tempt your customers with little treats: drop by their office for a warm handshake and hello, leaving them a small gift or tasty holiday dessert.
  16. Get media savvy: Reach out to local TV news, radio shows, and podcasts to pitch seasonal stories that relate to your business, like fall/winter landscaping ideas, seasonal recipes, and more.
  17. Hire fresh talent: Need new photography, graphic design, or social media help? Reach out to Sandy Hibbard Creative to put a new fresh face to your business for the new year.
  18. Donate to local auctions: Fall is a huge fundraising time for schools and charity organizations, so reach out to some of your favorites and offer goods and services for raffles and silent auctions. You’ll raise awareness about your business and be a good neighbor.
  19. Host a charity party: Create a Facebook invite and ask all your fans to bring in one good-as-new warm winter coat or item of clothing. Donate the winter clothing to your favorite  charity.
  20. Give some: For your coffee-lovers and key clients and Facebook fans, give a $5/$10/$15 Starbucks gift card, or surprise them with a gift you send through Facebook.