10-Ways to Boost Your Productivity

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10-Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Sandy tackles a subject you may very well be avoiding this summer, boosting your productivity! In this article you will learn 10 ways to boost your productivity and get on track for your 4th quarter marketing and prospecting.


First and foremost DON’T SLACK on your marketing!

1. EMAIL Strategies – Put together a strategic email campaign that includes industry updates and tips, value videos, and weekly recaps. Make sure you are thinking mobile, and include a call to action

2. SOCIAL Media Strategies – Get your social media content up to par. Make sure you are posting consistently and including videos, stories and Reels.  *** DOWNLOAD Tom Ferry’s Social Media Simplified, great information for Realtors!

3. Get out of the BOX! Do your own video/podcast show – leverage your experience and get your clients and partners involved. Great for creating video content for your social media

4. Use DIRECT MAIL – Leverage mail, the opportunities are endless and it’s a sure delivery


5. Share your case studies (great for Realtor listing presentations)

6. Use print collateral to leave with prospects after meetings – product guides for consultations and stories of your company and leadership

7. Get your scripts right, know what you’re going to say, be comfortable, practice, know your product and your industry inside-out


It’s super important to keep your mind positive and your outlook and goals grounded. We have all experienced a lot these last few years with a pandemic and a market that looks very different from what we have been used to. To keep a clear head consider these things.

8. Gratitude journal – think on the good to help avoid depression, live in the now and embrace gratefulness
9. Meditation routine – clear your mind, give your life some white space to daydream, meditate, think, read and wonder
10. Clean up your diet – exercise, sleep, and eat good whole food



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