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3 Systems for Success

teamwork 3 systems for success

3 Systems for Success

Building your business requires the right mixture of systems and content to successfully deliver your brand message. There are so many options for marketing out there that are good, but first things first – you need to build a foundation of basic systems to start. With the 3 systems for success in place that I am sharing in this post, you will be able to build a business and marketing strategy for the most valuable asset in your business, your contact list.


1 – Your list is your gold

You don’t have to be a program geek to build a dynamic marketing list to reach your customers and prospects. There are many CRM’s out there and you should find one that works for you and use it. Live in it daily. If you don’t want to learn another program, don’t get overwhelmed, just use a simple Excel spreadsheet. The key is to keep your contacts in one place, emails, phone numbers and addresses, and any other information you use in your sales and marketing. This list is your GOLD! Once your contacts are all in one place then you can use them for all your strategic initiatives – you can select who to send emails to, who gets birthday cards, who you need to drop by and see, send letters, create videos for, newsletters, etc. Divide the list into A, B and C groups and get to marketing. This is the first system and it is the KEY to building a powerful marketing plan.

2 – Stay in front of your clients with email

Email is a powerful tool for marketing. It’s inexpensive and effective, but in today’s tech-marketing environment, you need to have a trusted email marketing service to send your emails. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, but you do need to invest in a good service to get the best results. I use mailchimp.com and have for years, it’s my go-to, but you can check this list out and compare for yourself: The Top 13 best Email Marketing Services. I recommend sending an email to your client base weekly. This is where great content creation becomes VITAL. Staying in front of your clients is important to keep them reigned in and continue to build trust and loyalty. Taking it a step further, your list as we discussed above, also includes prospects and people you are wanting to get in front of and CONVERT to a client, you need to stay in touch with them as well. This is where email marketing becomes irreplaceable in your marketing strategy. This is the second  system for creating success in your business and marketing: upload your list to an email marketing service where you can communicate your information directly and consistently. And remember that CONTENT is the key here. Create branded messages that contain information that your clients need to know about your industry, your services and YOU. Make it entertaining, informational, and educational.

3 – Syndicate your message to social

The third system for success is creating a presence on SOCIAL MEDIA. No longer an option, social media is THE place to bring your branded message if you want to reach new and younger clients. Social media requires consistency and clever content. You will want to select the social media networks that fit your brand and company’s audience. You want to bring your message to the network where your clients and prospects prefer to hang out. Here is a great article and guide on How To Pick The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business. For most real estate agents and entrepreneurs, I suggest a professional Facebook Page and Instagram account, Youtube and LinkedIn should be considered as well. Once you decide on the networks you will use for your business marketing, begin to brand yourself through strategic posts using the content you have created for your list. And be sure to find your clients on your networks and invite them to connect. Sending your list an email letting them know WHERE to connect with you is always a good idea.

A Recipe for Success!

These three systems for success are basic systems that you need to have working for you in your business marketing. They build on each other and work in conjunction with each other. By building a list and creating branded content for it that you send via email, you are developing a library of content for your business that can be used on social media. When you syndicate your content across social media platforms, you are increasing your exposure and creating greater awareness of you and your brand. Consistency and great content mixed with these three systems is a recipe for success!


Happy Marketing!




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