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INSIDERS Ep 44: Luxury Marketing and Chatgpt

on the set of the INSIDERS on real estate and marketing sandy hibbard host with her co host marc miller and their guest susan redding

The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 44



The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 44

Sandy Hibbard Host and her co-host Marc Miller welcome special guest Susan Redding, Realtor, The Redding Group, Keller Williams Realty.

Susan is in her 18th year of real estate. She was an interior decorator before real estate began.  “My love of beautiful homes is pretty much what led me to the door of real estate!” Susan has been married for almost 31 years, and has two grown children who are each married, she also has two grand kids.

As a member of Keller Williams Luxury, Susan has earned her accreditations as an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist and an Accredited Staging Professional.  She is in the top 20% of her office, and has served on the Agent Leadership Council.  Susan co-chair’s the office’s Luxury Committee and the Luxury Community Group.  The Redding Group consists of two other agents husband Mike and their son Andrew. They also have two part time assistants.


1.) What it means to be a member of Keller Williams Luxury;

2.) How is the luxury market performing in north Texas?;

3.) How do you work with your luxury client?

4.) How do you market for your team? What is your special marketing approach?

5.) How do you see marketing and building a luxury team changing in the current market versus the way you have worked over the last 18 years?

SANDY:  Gives her advice on using Chatgpt – should you use it in your marketing – tips and advice.

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