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The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 40

marc miller, sandy hibbard and ayla reed on the set of the insiders on real estate and marketing


The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 40

Sandy and Marc welcome their special guest Ayla Reed, equestrian and Farm and Ranch expert.



Market Changes.
From a “sellers” market to a “buyers” market, tips on how to be successful as a seller and how to negotiate as a buyer, and how to navigate the current market. For example, buyers have negotiation power with sellers they did not have a year ago (buy downs, repairs, etc). How do you as an agent educate your clients?

The importance of picking the RIGHT agent.
Why selection matters so much in our changing market. Luxury agents and Farm and Ranch Agents speak a different language than a commercial agent or new build sales agent. Clients need to understand how to pick a dedicated, strong and qualified agent to secure them a win in today’s market. Trust and brand recognition is huge here.

Marketing matters.
We live in an instant gratification society, consumers want to see things and have details in real time. Selling a home is no different, working with an agent who understands the power of potent and viral marketing is vital to the successful sale of a property ESPECIALLY for niche, luxury, or specialized estates. Agents need to differentiate themselves from the jump to brand themselves to their desired outcome. Don’t be afraid to do things out of the box.

Knowledge is power.
Discussion on the importance of being a true FULL SERVICE agent and what that means. It’s more than MLS and emails. It’s wearing all the hats necessary to achieve your clients success

Real Estate is a long term career not a job.
Success in this industry can take time, strategies for staying driven and finding motivation as an agent when old tools stop working.

You can reach Ayla on the following media channels:

Ayla Reed
Phone 720.202.1847
Email Aylar@rmccdfw.com
Website: theliveyourdreamsrealtor.com/
FB: Facebook.com/TheLiveYourDreamsREALTOR
IG: @TheLiveYourDreamsRealtor

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