Six Months Left To Hit Your Business Goals!

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6 months to go for your marketing

Six Months Left To Hit Your Business Goals!

I couldn’t be more excited for the Summer. As we are all running off to our beach adventures (I just returned from mine), let’s remember that we have 6 months left this year to hit our business goals and plan for the next season of marketing. Here are some of the things I have been planning and using that are getting results.

Facebook Instant Forms To Build Your List

As you have heard me say 100 times, your list is your gold. It is time to take the resources in Facebook to the next level and let it help you deliver valid leads you can continue to market to outside of the social platform.

When you create a new lead campaign in Meta Ads Manager, you can select Instant forms as your conversion location. Instant forms are designed to help you generate and qualify leads by asking people to fill out a form. Using instant forms, you can collect information from people who may be interested in your business or service without requiring them to leave Facebook or Instagram. There are different types of instant forms to help you achieve your business goals.

To make form submission easier and faster, contact information, such as name, email address and phone number, may be prefilled for the person if they have already provided their information to Meta.

This can take your Facebook advertising to the next level, but remember you have to start with a smart campaign that is offering something of value to your customers. Ideas could be:

  • Discount coupons
  • Signups for special offers or contests
  • Special information on communities, mortgage series, new housing trends, design tips, etc.
  • Tips and resources (share your vendor list!), ebooks, downloadable PDF Buyer and Seller Guides, etc

VIP Customer Reach

You want to keep your best (read: loyal) customers happy. Here’s a way to run a summer email marketing campaign for your VIPs. Via email, offer them a coupon for a free product, a discount, or a price cut to add more products to their next existing order. Maybe you can do this for a week straight, offering discounts on five different categories for each day of the work week. For Realtors, create an email to your VIP’s that have new housing info and design tips for the summer season, HVAC tips, Pool Tips, BE THE RESOURCE for all things HOME!

Don’t forget Google! Google ads should be a part of your monthly marketing.

Don’t forget Youtube Shorts. Include your short videos and reels on YouTube to gain a broader audience for your marketing message.

Make sure that all your content is solid and branded with your message for the rest of the year. Streamline and prepare your graphics and signup forms, your thank you pages, landing pages, and syncing your responses with your email client.

Need help with this? Sandy Hibbard Creative can run your campaigns along side your social media posts and help you build traction in your overall marketing. Remember, people do not know about you and your services unless you tell them!

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