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The INSIDERS Ep 19 – Cyber Security with Shawn Tuma

cyber security

“Security is hard, it will take work and commitment. Cyber crime can and will happen to anyone, the bad guys don’t care if you are a mom and pop or a Fortune 500 company.”


In Episode 19 of the INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing, Marc and I dive into the underworld of CYBER CRIME with local expert Shawn Tuma to see how and why this is happening in the Dallas Business arena and what can be done to stop it.

And just as this can happen to businesses, it can happen to individual people as well. All of their data – a lifetime of family documents, records, and pictures – can be gone with the click of a button.  It’s a serious subject that needs addressing, so join us as we explore these topics:

  • What is ransomware?
  • What is business email compromise?
  • What types and sizes of companies are being hit?
  • What is cyber hygiene?
  • How to plan for resilience and recovery from attacks
  • How to share cyber security “best practices” in your marketing
  • Building relationships that make your clients feel safe

Watch the video below.

We couldn’t cover all the content in the short time we had on the show, so I am offering a downloadable PDF with our notes, and informative links, checklists and resources from Shawn Tuma that will be helpful to you in learning more about cyber crime.





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