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Have a Holiday Focus on Charity Giving

Have a holiday focus on charity giving

Marketing Tip: Have a Holiday Focus on Charity Giving

It’s the season of giving, have a holiday focus on charity during the holidays by promoting your charity of choice.

During the holiday season there is a huge temptation to check out and leave your marketing on the shelf until the new year. Bad idea! Now is the time to not only ramp-up your PR and marketing but to also have a good strategy prepared to kick off in January. Your marketing for the last few weeks of the year when most of our clients and prospects are focused on holiday and family, needs to take a different turn. I suggest that you have a holiday focus on your favorite charity. Take the focus off of you and instead spread the word to your networks about what your favorite charity is doing, their mission and their goals. Partner with your charity of choice to offer information via your public channels to bring awareness to their efforts and the people/goals they serve. This will hit people at the heart level which is what holiday giving is all about. Holiday marketing can be beneficial to your charity and to your business.

Here are a few ideas to have a holiday focus on charity giving by promoting your favorite charity:

› Post a link on social media of an interesting article about their services
› Post a photo of you or members of their local team in action
› Host a party in their honor and collect donations on their behalf
› Send a PR to the media about the party
› Donate a painting or piece of art in their honor and send a PR out about it
› Roll up your sleeves and go to work for them for a few hours a week
› Write an article about your experience with them and post online
› Gather testimonials from others who have benefited from their services
› Post a list of their needs and set up a donation station
› Help them market their upcoming events by posting their info on social media or printing their programs
› Send an email blast to your network with their link, say something good about your experience with them

The opportunities are nearly endless to what you can do to bring awareness to your sphere about your charity. And yes, it does take work, hard work, but the benefits will be great and think of the smiles you will be putting on those holiday faces!

Love and Peace!

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