Marketing Tip: Two Tips to Dominate Your Social Media

2 Tips to Get Social Dominance on Your Networks

There are two key factors for making social media work for your business. Number one is simply great content, and number two is your own active and personal engagement.  We all know that consistency is key for successful social media marketing.  To get there, you need great content dripping out over your social networks – every day.  But that is not enough.  Along with compelling content, you need to add in your own engagement, make it personal, socialize, and network! 

Professionally posted and syndicated content is the foundation for your social media marketing, yet it is not enough to have content being syndicated over your networks, without your own personal touch it will get boring. I suggest that along with your professional posts that you add in your daily “play”.  Go to your networks and focus on leveraging your content with your comments, likes, reposts, boosted posts, sharing out to targeted individuals. Making it personal and adding your unique touch is the golden key to making an impact with your social media.

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