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Marketing Tip: Three Marketing Methods that Work Together

three legged chairs

Marketing Tip: Three Marketing Methods that Work Together

In marketing, sometimes we have a message for our “A” list that is important enough to demand a little extra time and expense.  This is when you create a message that is supported by more than one marketing method, I call this the three-legged-chair approach.  Remember the old time stool with three legs?  Each leg is vital in supporting the “seat” or the message of your marketing.  In this type of marketing, you choose three marketing methods that work together to support the message – to give your message greater impact and attention.  I am going to suggest using a DIRECT MAIL piece that is supported by a followup EMAIL that is supported by a PHONE CALL.  If your message is time sensitive or a call to action for a special price, produce or service, web launch or real estate listing, this will be a great way to run your campaign.

Here is how it would work:

Create a direct mail piece, let’s say a postcard (PC) with a great image on the front that pops.  The PC is colorful and has a catchy tag line to draw in the reader and grab attention.  Your message is what is most important here, it should be one single, simple message with a call to action.   You would send out the PC via US First Class Mail, or any other mailing method that will allow you to accurately estimate the time your direct mail piece will arrive.  Once the PC goes out, send out an email a couple of days later.  Be sure to time the email around your estimated delivery date of the mail piece so the email arrives BEFORE the direct mail piece.  The email would contain the same message and image so it is recognizable, but this time you will add a personal greeting explaining that they (the recipient) will be receiving a beautiful PC in the mail.  Perhaps the email instructs them to bring the PC to your office as a coupon, or it contains a special code they can redeem for a gift – in other words, leverage the message on your PC and instruct them how to use it in the email.  Now the fun begins.  After you have sent the email and enough time has gone by so that you are confident the direct mail piece has been delivered in the mail, set up your calls.  The phone call allows you to “touch” your list again.  Call and ask if they received the postcard and the email with information on how to take advantage of your special offer.  Make yourself available to answer questions and explain the special program you are offering.  One of these supportive methods will bring attention to your message.

The “three-legged-chair”  is a tried and proven marketing method that drives a message effectively to your list.  It does take planning and execution above the norm, but the benefits will be great!

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