Marketing Tip: Take baby steps to get to your larger marketing goal

baby steps to your goal at lyrics marketing tips

Marketing Tip: Take baby steps to get to your larger marketing goal


We all have big dreams for our business.  To achieve the ultimate goal we must first know WHERE we are going and understand the stops along the way.  For example, Sarah is a singer and her goal is to achieve success in the music industry with her songs.  She must be familiar with the industry, know the players, what they expect and what they want to help move her along her chosen path.  She is an expert at her craft, she knows her song and she can deliver it.  Sarah’s strategy would be to first produce a killer song, then record it, release it to the proper channels, market it accordingly to her network then reach outside her network to gain extended awareness and desire for the song. A photoshoot will be planned for the marketing of the song, then a video will be shot and marketed.  Baby steps.

Each piece along the way builds a foundation for her following and brings her closer to a completed goal of a hit song in the market with the wrappings expected in the music industry – photos, video, performances and sales.

Don’t let the long path to your desired goal scare you. It takes time, planning and execution.

Focusing on baby steps will make the larger goal seem less daunting and easier to achieve.  This is strategic planning and execution at it’s best!

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