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Marketing Tip: Content Marketing that Turns an Ugly Duckling into a Swan

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Marketing Tip: Content Marketing that Turns an Ugly Duckling into a Swan

Marketing is like getting a glamorous Bobbi Brown makeover.  You’ve got it, I’m going to compare marketing to a great makeover.  Here’s my point:  A generic, mass sold  makeup kit with white base, pink blush, and blue eye shadow is just about as effective as a mass marketed, generic-ized (wow, new word), marketing program.  I have written many times about setting yourself up as an expert in your field and how to become a thought leader who provides information that your target audience not only wants to hear but needs to hear. From these articles I hope that you are beginning to understand the need for a diversified marketing strategy that hits some if not all of the marketing vehicles that are available to us [website, blog, social media, PR, email, and direct mail].  The next step toward accomplishing your marketing goal is to take these tools and put together a package that is tailored to fit you and your business.  Now, going back to my makeup example, I wouldn’t sell you a  kit of average makeup products anymore than I would suggest that you go to a generic marketing dashboard and spit out a bunch of crap.  You are unique, and just like your face and skin tone, your business and the way you provide your services are unique. Personal style has everything to do with how you conduct your business and represent yourself in your marketing. (Guys, I’m sorry for the makeup example, but I know you can get this too, you have been watching us put on our faces your entire life!)  So, the point here is simple:  Find and engage your personal style and “apply” it to your marketing.

Creating a content marketing program that compliments you and your services, that makes you stand out above the crowd, that wows people, that presents a look and design that is all yours, that is “applied” with precision and seamlessly delivered, has the potential to turn the ugly duckling into a graceful beautiful swan!  Go for it!

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