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January 8, 2014
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January 22, 2014
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Marketing Tip: Six Tips for Building Marketing Muscle

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There are great ideas for marketing everywhere you look!  Including the gym!  My days with a personal trainer in the gym and training for a marathon taught me a few very important lessons about life, health and yes, marketing.  If you will keep these six tips in mind for your marketing you will see a leaner, meaner, machine begin to emerge.  Have fun!

Six Tips for Building Marketing Muscle

  1. Proper Nutrition – In the same way a nutritional diet of fresh vegetables, lean meats and whole grains encourages burning calories and general good health, a fresh marketing message – balanced and wholesome – will produce good business health. Stay away from anything canned or blatantly promotional. This year and beyond it is about providing great content that you customers need.
  2. Cardiorespiratory Exercise – Getting a good cardio workout is vital to good heart and lung health. You have to push yourself and stay on target to get the results you want. There is a time in our marketing program when we must push the limits of our message to show what we are really made of. There is no challenge and no real benefit from “taking it easy”. NOW is the time to get on board with your marketing plan, orchestrate it with the right plan, incorporate it with the social networks and email, then stay the course and let the heart of your message work.
  3. Resistance Training – Lifting weights and doing weight-bearing exercises builds healthy bones and muscles…a MUST in any workout program. If you don’t challenge your body, it won’t grow new muscle. Break out of the norm! How are you doing on your marketing challenges? Are you taking the easy road or are you daring to pump the weight? What new avenues have you advanced to lately?
  4. Personal Training – A personal trainer is like a personal coach…pushing you to do more than you would do on your own, teaching you how to exercise or perform correctly, and holding you accountable. Don’t leave your marketing workout up to your monthly moods, let a professional direct you and hold you accountable to a proven program. Seek out coaching and accountability!
  5. Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids:  Ingredients for Growth – Having the proper vitamins, minerals and amino acid levels are vital to the proper absorption of the nutrients in our food, hydration, and the success of our workouts. Our marketing message and program must also contain the vital elements for marketing success – a realistic budget, good planning and execution (time and imagination), consistency, proven systems, customer service, and a continued, genuine, focus on the customer. It’s the SMCP approach: Systems, Marketing, Consistency, and never forgetting it’s about people (your customer).
  6. Last but not least is the catalyst that makes it all happen – CONSISTENCY through a committed and dedicated program. A body builder didn’t get that 6-pack by going into the gym when he felt like it. That physique is a result of a consistent, committed, dedicated, focused, and properly executed exercise program combined with a nutritional diet.Cut the fat, put your marketing plan together – HAVE A PLAN AND WORK YOUR PLAN – and get into the marketing gym…a leaner, meaner, stronger business is waiting for you!