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July 24, 2013
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August 14, 2013
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Marketing Tip: Niche, Niche, Niche = Customer Love!

Go beyond a Target Audience go NICHE

Marketing Tip: Niche, Niche, Niche = Customer Love!

When you find AND connect with your niche you will develop raving fans and LOVING customer advocates

If you are finding it difficult for people to respond to your generic offerings or messages, you would be smart to be carefully considering how to niche.  It’s not that hard, here are two simple ways to uncover your niche:

  1. Look at your offering itself  – your specialty, what you do best most likely appeals to a certain audience
  2. Look at MORE than your target market – you have a specific industry you have worked with often, where your product or service is needed, a group that is easy to target and has money to spend, they have a specific need and you have the answer!

There are other ways to niche, but this should get you thinking in the right direction.The bigger issue is properly communicating the VALUE of what you offer.   If you  help me connect with and find more clients as you promise, what will it really get me?  More clients?  More money?   People don’t buy communication skills – they buy results. As one of my favorite marketing guru’s – Ali Brown – says, “people don’t buy a drill for the drill, they buy it for the hole that is the result“.

So what is the result?  Don’t rely on your prospects to add it up in their heads. Don’t rely ONLY on a “targeted” group. You have to instantly convey what you are offering and in a bold way and to the right people – people who understand, NEED, and will PAY for your services!