Marketing Tip: Yes! Print is not dead!

old type print print is not dead

Marketing Tip: Yes! Print is not dead!


“Print is dead, TV is dead….the Internet is dead!” We’ve all heard these absurd accusations yet all three mediums are still alive and well. Print has definitely taken a hit with the availability of social media and information technology, but print is stepping back into the spotlight because it is one way marketers have found can differentiate you from the masses.

As marketers, diversification is crucial when reaching our customer base. Digital strategies rule in today’s marketing economy, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the power of print. Here are 8 reasons to rethink print:

  1. It grabs attention
  2. It is a tangible asset
  3. There are no audience development costs
  4. No reliance on advertisers
  5. Not everyone is doing it
  6. Customers like the personal aspect of it
  7. Print still excites people
  8. Print lets people unplug

What are your success stories with print media?

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