Killer Marketing Tip 44: Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

sandy hibbard

Killer Marketing Tip 44: Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

It’s frustrating when you have a large following on your Facebook Business Page but they aren’t seeing your posts. That’s because organic impressions are harnessed by Facebook’s algorithms. The best way to work around this and get more traction on your posted content is by boosting or running ads that will drive people to your page and your posts.

Bottomline, Facebook is an ad machine. There are a lot of elements that will help with your pages organic growth, so you want to make sure you take care of that, but if you want to boost your content, ads are what you need. FB ads are cheap and simple to deploy.

And here’s a little tip: When setting up your Facebook ad campaign, make sure your reach isn’t too large. Focus your targeting on the right demographics to see better results. If your target is too large, you risk getting lost in the crowd. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER and how to reach them.

When creating a campaign, use up to 15 different ads, all driving the same message but offering a variety of visuals. The algorithms will pick up the ads that are attracting the most attention. This way you are sure to land the ad that is most effective.

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