Killer Marketing Tip 45: Be Ready to Pivot this Year!

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Killer Marketing Tip 45: Be Ready to Pivot this Year!

You must be ready and able to pivot to meet the changing needs of the current business climate. Any marketing initiative must begin with a well thought out plan and a proper assessment of your time, imagination and budget. Make sure you develop your marketing plan with these things in mind:

#1: Be realistic about your time constraints and the amount of time you can commit to for carrying out your marketing plan.

#2: Pay attention to your budget. Do you need to hire someone to help you? How much are you willing to invest in your future? Can you sustain the campaign or marketing initiative you are planning?

#3: You are only limited by your imagination and the ideas and information you are able to produce. Do you have a creative skill set? Do you understand marketing and social media? Make sure you know enough about what you are planning for your marketing that you can carry it out successfully!

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