Marketing Tip: Reach Out and Text Someone!

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Marketing Tip: Reach Out and Text Someone!

Let’s focus on getting in touch with those special people on your “A” list!  It is important that your clients, past clients, friends, family, ex’s, in-laws and out-laws, all know what you do and how you do it.  They are the fine gold in your database.  I want to suggest sending a group text to the folks on your smartphone – that’s right, reach out and text someone!  The text message should contain a link to your latest Facebook, LinkedIn, blog or website post that illustrates your best business face.  Now this is important, don’t just send a casual message, craft a heartfelt and compelling greeting that is upfront about them being “special” and that you value them and want to keep them “in the loop” on your latest project or service.  Do NOT sell.  This is an opportunity to begin a new business relationship with someone you know – you would be surprised at the number of people you gather with on a regular basis that DON’T KNOW what you do for a living and how good you are at it!

I would start with a new blog post that is part of your current content marketing program.  Make this an informational post that explains and supports the work you do, make it personal and make it compelling.  In other words tell your story.  Post the blog and syndicate it to your social networks.  Capture the URL on the blog post and use that link in your text message.  Preface the link with the warm greeting I mentioned above and send.  Be available for the responses that will come and keep your texts short, warm, and friendly.

One word about this Tip to remember:  MOBILE!  It’s never been more important to make mobile part of your overall content marketing strategy.  Joe Pulizzi in his book “Epic Content Marketing” says “You need to plan, right now, that the majority of the traffic to your content marketing will come from a mobile device.  This means thinking mobile first as part of your channel strategy.”

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