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Fall Marketing Ideas 

by Sandy Hibbard/CEO and Creative Director for Sandy Hibbard Creative.


[Article first published in September 2017 and updated September 2019.]

Summer is over, Labor Day slipped right by us, school is in and the Autumn season will officially arrived in just 11 days (my favorite time of year), and the holiday season will be upon us within weeks. First up:  Halloween! Halloween is a HUGE thing here in my neighborhood, and the community gears up for trick-or-treat night as fervently as Thanksgiving. November rolls in quickly and we will be swapping recipes, pulling out the favored table decorations, and traveling to feast with family and friends. Then there is the frenzy of December that will bring us our cherished holidays of ChristmasHanukkah, and Kwanzaa. And then, BOOM! it’s a new year and we small business owners will be scrambling to put together a new strategy that will put 2020 on the map as one of our most amazing and prosperous years!   Yay!  Right?!  Whew!  All that to just say, you are all going to be so busy, I hope you have some of your marketing on autopilot.  ; )

So it’s time to think out of the box on some fun marketing. The changing of the season brings about more opportunities for you to reach out to your clients than any other time of the year, so take advantage of it, now is NOT the time to slack up on your marketing. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Fall Marketing Ideas

First and foremost, create your content to be relevant to the upcoming months – think about themes:

  • Fall/Winter Seasons
  • Football
  • Weather
  • School Activities
  • Holidays
  • Gift Buying
  • Parties/Social Events
  • Resolutions and new beginnings

Weave your stories and present your services in a context that people will pay attention to and relate to in these busy months. And of course, make it FUN!

  • Start a seasonal Instagram feed and plan at least 3 weekly Stories for Insta and FB

SHC-Blog-Fall-Marketing-Ideas-Seasonal Instagram Feed

  • Kick-off an 8-week email campaign – 8 touches with a holiday theme – yes, i’m talking real mail!
  • Promote a holiday offer on social media only available through Dec 31
  • Line up a 4th quarter social media strategy centered on giving, include blog, Instagram, Facebook and email
  • Send virtual Starbucks Holiday Gift Cards to your key clients who LOVE coffee


  • Run a contest drawing to grow your database, sign them up to win a ___________, partner with a vendor to share the expense and share the list
  • Plan a get-together with your clients


  • Sponsor a charity event
  • Send out themed postcards vis US Mail or a postcard app


  • Start a gift idea board on Pinterest and share it out weekly
  • Create a blog around your main product offering, use it to educate and inform
  • Update your website to a newer more blog-friendly platform

The opportunities are endless!  Now is the time to get your numbers up to start the New Year with a bang – let these Fall Marketing Ideas help to push you closer to your year-end goal and seamlessly take you into the new year!

Happy Marketing!