Killer Marketing Tip 25: Toot Your Own Horn!

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Killer Marketing Tip #25 – Toot Your Own Horn!

“If you don’t toot your own horn, don’t complain that there’s no music.” ~ Guy Kawasaki

Most of us are not comfortable talking about ourselves. But as a business owner and in the online marketing world we now live in, it’s a must. Learn how to carry on a conversation, engage your clients and prospects, and provide information that helps them know WHO you are and WHAT you do and WHY! Otherwise they will never know.

Tooting your own horn always involves a blatant self-promotion, and that’s ok. There is a difference in being “salesy” and promoting your business/service – a very fine line in fact. My rule of thumb when you do send out a promotional post, is to keep it real and in a conversational tone, and alway provide exceptional content. And please adhere to the 80/20 rule of social media and limit  these business promotional posts to 20% of your content. Now, get out there and toot your horn!


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