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Killer Marketing Tip 29: How to Get More Engagement and Make Your Posts Interactive

Killer Marketing Tip 29: Make Your Posts on Social Interactive

A great way to get your audience to engage with your Social Media is to provide interactive content. Add quizzes, ask questions, post a poll or a survey, or sponsor a contest. Make it interesting and about your followers.

People want to share; they want to be a part of something so give them something to be a part of where they can voice their interests and opinions. Information collected is also a great way to grow your contact database as well as to fine-tune your updates or advertising targets.

Interactive Post Ideas to Boost User Engagement

Ask Questions
Everyone likes to give their opinion or share their ideas, so questions are a good way to get engagement. Use beautiful imagery, text/fonts  and graphics that pop!

Ask THEIR Opinion
Just like questions, people want to give their opinion. Ask questions that your clients ask you over and over again, put it out there and see what your followers think. This can provide you with great insights on your brand and is really great if you are looking for feedback on your services, products, and offerings.

Add Polls to Your Stories
When adding stories to Instagram and Facebook, add polls to them to get your viewers to engage with you. Try the Yes / No question polls, reaction polls, multiple choice and more to get them to spend a few more seconds on your story.

Where’s __________ Guessing Game
Asking questions that the user has to answer is another way to get them involved and keep them entertained. A fun example is to use your travel photos or new listing photos and ask “Where’s Sandy now?” Then feature a beautiful photo of a travel destination. Or, where’s this house? And show a great photo of a home in a distinctive locale. Provide multiple choice answers, or have them fill in the blanks! Be sure to keep these in line with your brand and offerings.

Share Images with Quotes and Include Your Brand Logo
Sharing images with quotes that include your brand logo is another good way to increase your reach. People love sharing quotes on Facebook. The key here is to create your own graphics with your logo and branding. Share quotes that reflect what your page or brand is all about.

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