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INSIDERS Ep 33: A New Foreclosure Market And More 2023 Predictions

sandy hibbard matt acock and marc miller on the INSIDERS on real estate and marketing

INSIDERS Ep 33: A New Foreclosure Market And More 2023 Predictions

The INSIDERS on Real Estate & Marketing Episode 33 – Sandy and Marc welcome their special guest Matthew Aycock, Managing Partner at Pratt Aycock to discuss the foreclosure market and what impact it will have on real estate as we move into 2023.

We continue to see signs that the real estate market is shifting drastically and foreclosures are on the horizon. How is that potentially going to effect the market here in DFW and how can Realtors help their clients stay “safe”?

Here are some of the questions we tackle:

  • How to work with banks on obtaining listings?
  • What is the state of the default market at this time?
  • Will short sales reenter the market?
  • What type of litigation are you seeing on contracts?
  • If an agents client receives a notice what should be the next steps of responding to a notice?
  • When should the borrower be communicating with their lender if they are moving to default?  Do they have options on the payment?
  • What should agents be doing to stay in contact with their clients as taxes and insurance rise?
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